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A Bit About the E3D Titan

This post is a high-level overview of the E3D Titan extruder, featuring a compact and light-weight design that manages to squeeze a 3:1 geared drive mechanism into basically the same footprint as a typical direct-drive extruder. How does the E3D Titan benefit the typical 3D printer?

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The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Cura

Chapter 1:  Introduction If you've spent much time at all working with 3D printing technology, you've almost certainly heard of Cura. Cura is 3D printing host software created by David Braam. The software is currently maintained by Ultimaker who hired David to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Customizing AstroPrint

Chapter 1: Introduction Getting Started Prerequisites Required Software Chapter 2:  Setting up FileZilla Set AstroBox Root User Password Connect to the AstroBox over SSH SSH on Linux or Mac SSH on Windows using PuTTY Set the Root User Password Configure the FileZilla...

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OctoPrint vs. AstroPrint

Introduction Hardware Installation Software Setup User Interface Printing Conclusion Introduction All 3D printers need host software to function. Host software is responsible for sending the actual commands to the 3D printer that tell the printer how to build an...

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Types of Endstops

3D printers are extremely accurate and precise positioning systems, but the way 3D printers track their position is different than many people think. This post discusses different types of endstops and how they are used to allow 3D printers to zero their position before each print.

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Bearings vs. Bushings

The previous post discussed the two dominant types of linear motion systems used in 3D printers: lead screws and belt drives. There is another important part of most 3D printer motion systems though. On most 3D printers, the build platform and the extruder slide over smooth rods as they move and use either linear bearings or bushings to minimize friction.

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3D Printer Linear Motion Systems

Needless to say, a 3D printer’s linear motion system is one of the most important of the many mechanisms that make up a 3D printer. This post discusses stepper motors, which power every 3D printer linear motion system, as well as the two different linear motion systems found in almost all 3D printers: lead screws and timing belts.

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